September17, 2019
by Nazibul Faruque Ahsan

It is the aim of all students to qualify their examinations getting highest marks. All students strive to achieve success. However, many may suffer from getting low marks. Such students may think that they cannot get equal reward for their struggle for examinations. They think that they tried their best but the result was contradictory.

Most common causes of getting low marks in examination are as follows:

A Student May Not Know How to Study Productively:

Most of the students do not know the proper method of study. They think study means merely reading the words. Studying something means to learn and understand. Reading should be done with full concentration to learn and grasp the idea in each sentence of the lesson.

Misdirected Preparation for Examination:

Commonly students’ preparation for examination is misdirected. Preparation should be made in the lines of the examinations, according to the nature and format of examination. The preparation must be initiated right from the first day of the session including attending classes, studying and writing study notes.

A Student Who Cannot Make Good Study Notes:

Creating good study notes proves very much helpful in achieving success. It should contain all what you need to learn. Such study materials are easy to revise and understand. Usually, students may not know how to create helpful study notes which result in their getting low marks in the examination.

A Student May Not Be Aware How to Answer According to the Nature of Question:

Every type of question should be answered in its proper way. Explanatory answers should be written properly containing all the ideas. If students are not aware of how to answer different type of question properly, it is expected that they may not get good marks.

A Student May Have a Problem of Time Management for Studies:

Many students face problem of managing their time for studies. They have many activities other than studies: games, hobbies, watching films, listening to music, spending time with friends at various places, etc. Brilliant students know what to do first and what to do next so that they may give proper time to their studies to complete course in time.


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