November1, 2019
by Nazibul Faruque Ahsan

One of the qualities of a brilliant student is having a good memory power. Students need to learn and understand things as well as to retain that learning in their mind for long time. Only learning things may not be enough. Students should also retain this learning in their mind so that they can reproduce this learning in their examinations to get higher marks. Memorising what you have learned is a part of preparation for the examination. Being a student, you should have a sketch of what you learned in your mind for long time. Many students complain that they can learn things but they cannot retain it in their mind for longer time.

Some useful tips are given below to enhance your memory for your studies:

Revising Helps to Improve your Memory:

Studying a lesson once is not enough to retain it in mind for months. You should revise your topics as many times as possible. It is a common habit of most of the students that they study a topic once and never revise it and complain about forgetting the content soon. It is natural for human brain that the more you revise, the longer it retains in your mind. A student needs to revise his subject (topics and chapters) repeatedly so he can retain it in his mind for long time.

Write the Main Points While You Learn – You May Read It Loud to Retain It in Your Mind:

Whenever you read a book to learn it, try to have a pen and paper with you to write down its important points at the same time. It really helps in retaining these points in your mind. Another way is also to read slightly louder while you study a book. When you listen your own words, it helps you retain it in your mind for longer.

Associating an Idea with Other Idea to Retain It in Mind for Long Time:

According to the psychological theories, we learn and remember things by associating them with other relevant things. Whenever you study a book, try to associate each idea with other relevant idea you have learned before. This association helps retaining the ideas in your mind for long time. You may find it slightly difficult in the start but you will get used to it with the passage of time and will help you greatly.

Build a Sketch of Group of Ideas in Your Mind – Make a Story Form for Long Process:

When you learn things while studying, the best way to retain it in mind is to make an overall sketch of all the learning in your mind. After studying a topic, think: this topic has these specific ideas and you have to remember all of them making its image in your mind.

Practice Exercises That Are Designed to Improve Your Memory:

There are many exercises which enhance the overall function of brain: meditation, yoga, playing chess. Some exercises are specifically designed for enhancing the memory power. Practise them. For example, if you see a scenery on a wall which have many things in it. Then go to another room and try to recall the names of thing which were in that scenery and write these names on a paper. Doing such an exercise on regular basis will enhance your memory.

Diet Rich in Nutrients Food for Memory:

Your intake should those nutrients which are essential for brain health. Include sea foods (i.e. fish) in your daily intake; they have omega-3 fatty acid which is the best nutrient for brain. You should prefer to eat fruits and vegetables daily because they have antioxidants like carotene, vitamin B, E. These antioxidants protect the brain cell and junctions of cells from damage. Try to skip foods having very high amount of fat and sugar contents.

Have Good and Proper Bed Rest at Night:

Human brain is constantly working all the day and therefore it should be given rest after particular period of time to relax it for further working. You should have proper and sufficient night rest to enhance your memory power.

Taking Physical Exercise Daily Are Good for Improving Memory Power:

Getting physical exercise speeds up the circulation of blood in your body. Hence, it also enhances the blood circulation to your brain. The blood serves as a food for your brain. Try to get physical exercise for at least half an hour a day; it will enhance power of your memory.


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